Doxycycline Salts and Amorphous

API Product
Doxycycline Salts and Amorphous
Product Status:
Under Development
Regulatory Status:
Product Type:
  • テトラサイクリン系抗生物質
CAS Number:
Modes of Application:
  • 吸入
  • 外用
  • 経口


Market leaders supplying Doxycycline in regulated markets such as the US, Europe and Japan from multiple manufacturing sites since 1982.

Hovione offers an API with a high grade quality manufactured in dedicated facilities for human applications. Customizable particle size distribution to fit end application and formulation requirements.




This is not to be construed as a representation of non-infringement or as an offer to sell in those countries where such would constitute an infringement of third parties’ patent rights.

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